Since 2011 I've started creating these Mixer brush presets during work on various art and trying to reach the impression and feeling of real Oil paints which I so love. Moreover, I wanted the digital painting to be more diverse and variable technically and visually. 

This Tool Set includes my 6-years digital oils practice based on my experience of working with real oil paints.  

Amazing Features

Brush Test Palette


Technical Specs

All Brushes were tested. This Tool Set is for Adobe PHOTOSHOP CS5 and NEWER versions.

You'll receive ZIP archive with:TPL (Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets) file with 24 "The Perfect Oils" Mixer Brush presets.PDF file with "How to install" and "How to set up and use" advice.

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The Perfect Oils Mixer Brush Presets for Photoshop

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The Eldar Zakirov Professional Artist Photoshop Brushes Bundle