Magic & Myth 1200 Overlays Collection

By Faery Design

A magical collection of 1200 high-resolution abstract light streaks overlays.

The spellbinding and colorful look of these textures make them ideal to be used as overlays on highly creative photo compositions, or to add enchanting accents to posters and lettering. 

Transform each photo into a work of art by adding elements that will make the difference. These overlays will add some magic to your designs. 

You will get 1200 overlays (approximately 4K, 300dpi each file). All the files are in png format with transparent background. 

Downloading the files:

This is a huge 13Gb collection, but don't worry, you won't have to download it at once. You'll receive access to a directory with all 49 sets to download independently, plus a preview of all the images contained in each set.

These overlays are compatible with any software that allows you to open .png files and work with layers.

Sample images included in this collection

Images shown with black and transparent backgrounds

Preview all sets included in the collection

Sets 1 - 10 of 49

Sets 11 - 20 of 49

Sets 21 - 30 of 49

Sets 31 - 40 of 49

Sets 41 - 49 of 49

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Magic & Myth 1200 Overlays Collection

Magic & Myth 1200 Overlays Collection

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