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Confetti Effect for Photoshop

Make super joyful and colorful designs by using Confetti Effect for Photoshop. A variety of styles and options, gold, multi-colored, round, rectangular, small, large, and of course customized color confetti.

Confetti Effect for Photoshop addon works in Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC and Photoshop Elements 14, 15. Extended License

What you get

Confetti Actions: Round Colorful; Round Colorful Small; Rectangle Colorful; Rectangle Colorful Small; Round Gold; Round Gold Small; Rectangle Gold; Rectangle Gold Small; Round Custom Color; Round Custom Color Small; Rectangle Custom Color; Rectangle Custom Color Small.

Layer Styles: Simple Confetti; Simple Confetti Custom Color; Gold Foil 1; Gold Foil 2; Rectangle Gold Confetti; Rectangle Gold Confetti Small; Round Gold Confetti; Round Gold Confetti Small; Rectangle Colorful Confetti; Rectangle Colorful Confetti Small; Colorful Round Confetti; Colorful Round Confetti Small.

Brushes: Round Confetti; Rectangle Confetti; Round Scattered Confetti; Rectangle Scattered Confetti.

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Confetti Effect for PhotoshopConfetti Effect for PhotoshopConfetti Effect for PhotoshopConfetti Effect for Photoshop

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