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7 Nature's Accents Sample Images

Download 7 sample images from the 650 Nature’s Accents image collection. Nature's Accents is an exclusive, extensive, and beautiful collection with more than 650 drag & drop images.

Along with the 7 sample accents, you get the 650 Nature's Accents contact sheet to preview the full collection.

These professionally photographed and masked floral arches; framing elements; colorful flower beds; trees, flowers, cut flower arrangements, and plants; as well as indoor and outdoor hanging baskets, are easily dragged and dropped over your subject or into your photo.

Nature’s Accents is an unique collection, developed over an 8-year period. There’s nothing like this in digital imaging.

We’ve done all the hard work for you

All the items in this collection have been perfectly masked and removed from their backgrounds so that you can easily drag and drop them into your photos.


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