This set allows reaching the effects of drawing and writing with instruments filled by ink. I created it during two years long work on illustrative series for the dilogy book "Anisotropic Highway" and number of inner ink-like inner spread illustrations for "Analog" SF-magazine. 

This Brush Set is designed for Adobe Photoshop but in fact, it may be also used in Photoshop Elements.Working on those aforesaid graphic art pieces I was intended to reach the effect of drawing and writing by nib and ruling pen, various brushes, homemade pen (also known as cola pen).I sincerely hope that this product will be so useful for you, as useful it is for me while I use it working on my graphic or calligraphic arts.

Included in this set:

  • 37 main brushes imitating various nibs, ruling pen, homemade pen for calligraphy (cola pen), brushes, brush sprays. Also included 3 blot brushes from the "SPLASHES" brush set — as a bonus. They put blots and splashes of ink, which can give the work more authenticity and liveliness. All Brushes were tested 
  • The fallback for old Photoshop versions owners. 
  • Action for preparing a finished monochrome image for printing, removes halftones and leaves only full 100% black and pure white colors. 
  • The list image of Set’s brushes with their titles and examples of their stroke/trail.
  • Description, documentation, general information, tips, FAQ. 


Technical Specs

All Brushes were tested. This Tool Set is for Adobe PHOTOSHOP, and Adobe PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS, CS and NEWER versions.

You'll receive ZIP archive with:TPL (Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets) file with 46 Mixer Brush presets. Added as Bonus,  5 Layer styles for the effect of thick paint relief, so-called impasto. PDF file with "How to install" and "How to set up and use" advice.

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