This Epic Location Sets Collections Bundle consists of the seven location and scenes collections – for a total of 1000 professionally photographed images and digital photo manipulations. The separate collections which the Epic Location Sets Bundle contains, are stunning locations found within the USA, Europe and Africa which you are able to place your subject into from the comfort of your studio, office, or home. 

 Take your client on a safari in the african veldt, allow them to climb a mountain in the western United States, or tour old world Europe when you own this exclusive, and unique, bundle of Epic Location Sets.

You will get 1000 images, 4K (4000pixels on the largest side). All the files are in jpg file format. These images are compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers, or simply open a jpeg file.

Cut-out your object and subjects, and put them into stunning locations

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Collections included in this bundle

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1000 Epic Location Sets Collection

1000 Epic Location Sets Collection